Our Casual Summer Walks

After last year’s crazy summer of moving, I was so ready for this summer and the time to just relax.  It’s been amazing!  Best of all is that our summer has been really casual.  Nothing crazy but just settling into those warm summer nights and taking on some home projects.

My favorite part about summer is being outside.  I love going on long walks and spending time in the sun.  I’ve gone to my parent’s house to be by the pool almost every weekend/chance that I can get and each night Sterling and I take the dogs outside and walk for 30 minutes or so.  The girls love these walks! Read More »

Snow Bunny Winnie

Snow Bunny Winnie

It’s a snow day!! Thank goodness too because I really needed a day to catch up and get my head wrapped around what’s coming up in the next few weeks!  Let me start by saying that I’m not like one of those people who dreads snow, hates the mess and wish it would never happen… I love snow.  I mean really, truly, deeply love love love snow!  I love everything about it!  Mostly I love how bright and clean everything looks.  I love to play in the snow, I love to sit inside and snuggle up with movies when it snows and I love hot chocolate!  So I’m pleased with even the small amount of snow we got here in Richmond, and am welcoming more!  
This morning the school system teased us with the idea that it would be only a two hour delay, so I fell back asleep for a little while and woke up with the idea that I was going to work.  A welcomed surprise when I checked twitter and realized we were closed!  I’m a little concerned that I didn’t get the phone call to tell you the truth but none the less, I’m home instead of in 3rd block.  
I woke up, looked outside, smiled (of course, it’s so pretty!), grabbed Winnie, her ball and my camera and headed out to play in the snow.  She loved it and I love how her apricot coat stands out amongst the white snow!  We had a blast but after awhile of catch and some very cold fingers (need to get better gloves…), we headed back inside to veg and get work done.  For all those who have a snow day today, have fun!  

Best of Friends

Best of Friends

One of the best parts of being home for breaks is that my puppy Winnie gets a lot more attention.  When it’s just me and her in Richmond she has to spend most of the day by herself while I’m at work and now that it is dark so early our walks are shorter because we lose the light.  Even on the weekends she is by herself sometimes while I’m out and about at sessions.  She always looks at me with those pitiful eyes that are just so sad it breaks my heart.  When we get here to Baltimore though she has my parents, my siblings and our family dog to play with.  She wakes up each morning with my parents and gets to run around outside and play as much as she wants.  She is exhausted by the end of the day with no alone time and so much attention.
When I first brought Winnie home, Bailey our family dog was annoyed to say the least.  You could tell she did not understand who or what this other animal was and why she was getting so much attention.  She hated it!  She would run in circles around Winnie barking as loud as possible in her face and then antagonizing her with every step she made.  Winnie found her way by waiting until Bailey was asleep and then venturing closer and eventually playing with Bailey’s tail.
Looking at them now, you would never know they had a rough start.  Bailey wakes up and comes downstairs first and as soon as Winnie hears her she is whining by the door begging to go play.  They constantly are entangled, either pretend wrestling, running after toys together, chasing one another or snuggling.  It is so fun to watch and heart breaking when we leave and I watch Winnie just sulk around looking for Bailey.  But in the meantime I’m going to soak it up and wear her out.
Here are some pictures of the girls hanging out.  Special thanks to my brother Bradley who held treats up by my camera to keep the girls’ attention.  🙂





Winnie Bug!

My Winnie bug is 7 months old, eek!  On one hand I can’t believe how much time has passed since I first picked her up and on the other I feel like she’s been a part of my life forever.  People always say that you won’t remember what life was like before you had your dog, and it is so true! I love her to pieces and can’t imagine not having her around.

In my first post about Winnie I mentioned all of her obvious traits, her calm nature, the ease of training her, and her intelligence but now that it’s been awhile longer, naturally I know her better.  She is still calm and pretty easy to train because she is so smart but she is also sweet and sassy. She knows when to pretend like she doesn’t understand me with her quick little head tilt and when to snuggle up to get something she wants.  When she got spayed I was giving her the medicine by putting it into peanut butter on a spoon.  Well she has since hidden a stash of spoons so that every so often she can grab one, bring it up to me, toss it in front of me and sit eagerly waiting for her treat.  Then if I don’t get the peanut butter right away she’ll put a paw up on me as if to say “Um excuse me but I’d really like some peanut butter, I even brought you the spoon.”  See what I mean, sassy.

Our impromptu photo shoot started a few weeks ago when the leaves were changing and I found myself sitting on my couch, looking out onto my porch.  My back porch faces out into a wooded area and since I’m on the third floor the trees’ canopies fall right by edge.  This creates the most beautiful back drop and when the light hits the leaves just right, it is amazing.  So backtrack, I’m sitting on the couch looking at these gorgeous fall colors and the light is perfect.  All I can think about is how I want to take pictures with these leaves in the background.  So I grab Winnie and of course I decide “Okay, I want the leaves in the background without the porch fence in it so…. okay, I’ll put her on the table”.  Well this lasted about 20 seconds because she was so mad that I had her on this shaky metal table that the pictures just looked terrible (despite the leaves!).  So now I grabbed the leash and decided we were going to just walk until we found some good spots, and boy did we ever!  The leaves right outside my apartment unit were still in the perfect state where there are plenty on the trees but the ground was also covered, making it so colorful and fun!  Then we kept walking and found these gorgeous red bushes right in the middle of a deserted parking lot where I usually play fetch with her.  So with my camera in hand, we had an impromptu photo shoot, off leash too! (She was a champ and such a good listener!)

Here are some of my favorites from the day, I just love the colors and of course, this cute face!

This is obviously not Winnie but I just love the colors. 

Flowers, Friends & the Fourth of July

“Freedom is the oxygen of the soul” – Moshe Dayan 

Spending Fourth of July at my parent’s house in Baltimore with good friends and family is a great treat! We had a backyard pool party complete with potato salad, beans (not my favorite, but an overall crowd pleaser), ribs and strawberry pie.  The boys enjoyed playing horseshoes and I, of course, enjoyed running around with Winnie.  
Here are some highlights of the day, including some of my favorite plants from my parents gardens. 🙂 

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Meet Winnie

This will serve as the first of what I can only assume will be many posts about my dog Winnie…. I’m sure you don’t mind, I mean she is really stinkin cute.  In any case, I’ve had her for a week now and it’s officially time to debut her and all her glory!  As you will soon see in these pictures, Winnie is not only sweet as can be but also so mellow!  She loves to sleep under furniture or even on the bottom layer of the coffee table.  She gets a little hyper around 8pm, but other than that will spend the entire day sleeping if she is given the chance.  I would worry about this except she also likes to sleep through the night!  Seriously folks!  An 8 week old puppy who goes to her crate and goes to sleep until 9:30am without crying?  I feel like I should pinch myself because I think I hit the puppy jackpot.

I knew Winnie would be a great fit for me the minute I picked her up.  We drove out to West Virginia to meet the breeder and there she was, sitting in a play pen, waiting for us.  The breeder handed her over and she just cuddled up and looked at me as if to say “okay, this suits me”.  She was so perfectly happy just falling asleep in my arms within 5 minutes of holding her.  She slept the entire drive home in my lap while my Dad drove and got up occasionally to reposition herself.

Now she isn’t perfect, she is teething so she likes to chew things but as long as her keys (baby teething keys also made for puppies) are near by, she’ll grab those and go to town.  She has had a few accidents but not nearly as many as I thought.  If she is outside and near grass she’ll take herself over there to go.  The second day of having her, I was at my parents house in Baltimore, we were outside sitting around and I had her in my lap on a chair.  She got up, jumped off the arm of the chair, marched over the grass to go to the bathroom and then came right back as if nothing had happened.  This was mind you, in the middle of a huge thunder storm!  But like all puppies, she hasn’t associated the door with going outside to the bathroom yet.

I can not begin to express how much I love this little fire ball and the way she runs to me with excitement.  Seeing her little tail wag around when I first get back from an errand and let her out, makes everything seem happy.  She loves to follow me from room to room, as if she is missing out if she is by herself.  I just love her sweet disposition and how loving she is.  So here are some of my favorite pictures I took this weekend of Miss Winnie, her little head tilt and puzzled look is the best.  As you can see she loves to sleep!  Happy Tuesday everyone, and for those who have dogs, give them an extra kiss and take a picture of them!  I know I will cherish these pictures of her sweet face as she gets bigger and bigger.