Teacher Tuesday: Cabbage Juice Demo – An at Home Demonstration of Acids & Bases

Last week I posted asking for votes on if you’d like to have instructions for doing the Cabbage Juice Lab at home and overwhelmingly y’all said YES!  So here it is!  The cabbage juice lab is a way to test solutions that you have around the house for their pH level!  The science is so cool as a natural way to determine if something is an acid or a base!  Kids love this demonstration/activity because of the WOW effect of solutions changing colors from clear to pink, green, blue or yellow!   Simple to do at home and you’ll have a lot of fun!  Read below for the science behind this activity and how to do it safely! Read More »

Teacher Tuesday – Surviving COVID-19 at Home with Your Kids! My Favorite FREE Resources!

I know from my own perspective that “teaching” from home has not been as easy as working with someone face to face.  I know that we are all doing the best we can to make the most out of this tough situation and I thought I’d post something to help those of you who are parents trying to work from home AND help your kiddos with their school work!!

Since we’re all being affected by COVID – 19 in one way or another, I thought I’d share out some resources for all the parents out there who need a little help!  Below are my favorite resources that are currently offering free subscriptions or have always/will always be free to use!  Ps. NONE of this is sponsored!  Just some things I have used for years or have recently fallen in love with! Read More »

To All My Teachers – A Note of Gratitude

May 7th, 2019

This past week I sat down with my calendar and started mapping out blog posts topics for the next few weeks.  I put on the calendar for today: BLOG – TT (meaning Teacher Tuesday blog post) and couldn’t find myself landing on a topic I felt really excited to write about.  I flirted with questioning techniques, my favorite apps, or even end of the year activities but then I remembered – it’s National Teacher Appreciation Week!  And then I got my wheels turning… I’m used to this week being about being an educator – the deals, the free meals, the jeans days because I am an educator – through and through.  But then I got to thinking and decided I wanted to do something a little different with this post.  I want to thank all of my teachers – including my students.Read More »

Teacher Tuesday – Organizing Group Work and Task Management

Let me introduce you to my new best friend – Trello!  Trello is a task management tool that you can use individually or with groups.  I’m currently LOVING it for helping students with group goals and to do lists and for managing my own personal goals and running to-do lists.  I even have a Trello board to manage my workflow for photography sessions.  It can really be used for anybody not just students, Sterling and I are both using it for our personal house chores as well as our professional tasks.  Let me explain more about how this works.  Read More »

Teacher Tuesday – Defining ITRT

Magic School Bus Picture-1Teacher Tuesday is BACK!  The last time I posted one of these blog posts was in 2015 and I posted about my homemade grade book!  Being a teacher is a HUGE part of who I am and I LOVE sharing about it, I’m honestly not sure why I stopped doing these posts.  What I’ve reflected on recently is that this place should be a space where I can share about beautiful sessions with families but also a place where I can share about my passions inside and outside of photography.  I’ve realized that I’d like to start treating this space as a legacy that I can look back on years from now as a glimpse of what my life was like back in the day. Originally that was what this blog was for – a place where I could share about my adventures around Richmond with others.  So it’s time to get back to my roots and share the whole story, me in all aspects of my life.  I’m bringing back TEACHER TUESDAY!  Q: S Club 7 song: Bring it all back! Read More »

PSAs with some SPARKLE!

Social Studies adds student choice to their PSA project!

Matt Seidita pushes his project a little DEEPER by focusing on Pillar 3: Learning is Student Owned for this Henrico21 submission! 


What is the best way to add variety and a quick way to spice up a project?  Add more options for student choice and voice!!  It is probably the easiest way to take any assignment to the next level while simultaneously making it more engaging!Read More »

Art + Coding = HUGE Win!


Henrico21 Finalist Jessica Tran hit a home run with her coding light art project in Art 1!
A combination of coding, digital photography and photoshop made for a project students won’t soon forget.The Concept: In this project students had to create a digital work of art that they could sell to a client using Spheros to design light art.  The Spheros were coded to move under a camera with a 30 second exposure.  The camera picked up on the traces of light and the students were able to create digital artwork to be shared with a client.

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Colonial People – The Struggle is Real!


Colonial People – The Struggle is Real! Social Studies Knocks it out of the Park!

What I LOVED about working on this project with Dana was how her student’s came alive with the concept.  Back in school when I was taught about colonial life it always felt like a snooze.  This project brought it back to life!THE CONCEPT:  The struggles of human beings spans the lengths of time, so what are the struggles of the colonial people and who struggles the most?  Each student was challenged to pick a colonial persona and take on their perspective from the colonial time period.  They had to research the everyday struggles of those people and what they would have wanted to make their life better.  The idea was that if there were to protest, what would they protest for?  Who would need to hear their story?  Who could they recruit to help?

This project started with researching colonial people and left with students drawing connections between classes of people based on their similar struggles.

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Catch the Fever – #FlipGrid

PictureUse Flipgrid in Your Classroom to Vamp Up Engagement! 

Did you love using Flipgrid in the PD on Monday (January 29th)!??  Want to integrate this tool into your instruction?  Keep reading!Flipgrid is a response tool in which students can video their responses to questions, probes, discussions, videos, images etc. etc.  It is very easy to set up and the possibilities for use are endless!  Kids love this tool as it has a “snapchat” feel and gives them an easy way to participate and collaborate.Read More »