Angel Wedding

Mindy and Jason were married on Father’s Day this past June at a beautiful and relatively new resort called the Salamander Resort.  Katie (of Kate Driskell Photography) who was so generous to leave for vacation a day late in order to second shoot for me, met me early that day and we were on our way.  We got to the venue early so we could walk around and were in awe of the venue.  It has it all, outdoor man-sized chess set, stable with horses, beautiful outdoor patios and more.  It was a beautiful day but in all fairness, definitely warm, so when they mentioned that they needed to move the ceremony inside because of the heat, I completely understood.  Then I met Mindy and Jason’s grandmothers, each in their 90s, and 100% understood.  Although, those women were troopers and I think if Mindy and Jason had decided to do the whole day outside in the 90+ degree heat, they would have  done it with a huge smile on their face.  

Since this is a second wedding for Mindy and Jason, it was smaller and much more intimate, family only.  Meeting and interacting with their two families and then watching them intertwine, was the best part of the day.  You could tell that each family loved Jason and Mindy so much and that they were overjoyed to be growing as a whole.  Nothing about the day felt like their were two separate families, they came together as one almost instantly and it really was beautiful.  The kids loved each other, the grandmothers looked like two best friends from way back when, it was perfect.  
Mindy and Jason’s intimate family wedding was beautiful, inside and out, their love, their families, and their appreciation for one another.  They kept saying, I’m marrying my best friend and I just thought, what a blessing to get to be by someone for the rest of your life who is a deep love but also a genuine friend.  
I loved getting to know Mindy and Jason and especially their families who were such a hoot!  Here are some of my favorites that highlight the day, hopefully they portray to you how special this family truly is.   
She was walked down the aisle by her two nephews! 
Mindy and her 95 year old grandmother! She was amazing and so full of life! 

All the kids of the two families celebrating!

Jason’s kids were such good sports!

Gorgeous family!

Thanks to Katie for this one and the next few of the venue! 

The Salamander Resort is stunning! 

We got a chance to sneak away for some quick bridal portraits.  The light is swoon worthy!

I just love this one that Katie’s got once the bubble machine came out!

Jason’s parents are precious
The light was beautiful even after sunset, the rest of these were well after 8:30pm.

Their grandmothers were amazing! 

All the toasts were special and personal but this one was definitely my favorite as they read “I Love You All the Time”. 

Mindy and Jason, thank you for letting me into your day and getting a chance to see that love always pursues and finds a way back.

Love love, 

Jill and Clark CVP Reception!

This post is so special because it involves some of my oldest friends from high school!  My good friend Jill got married to the greatest guy Clark and when she asked me to bring my camera along to take pictures of their after reception (sounds better then an after party) I of course said yes!

Jill and Clark met at Charles Village Pub in Towson on St. Patricks Day and two years later to the date, he proposed!  When I first met Clark I thought, “he’s perfect for her!” and he really is.  When you see Clark and Jill together they are act like the old married couple everyone wants to be with the perfect recipe of comfort, banter and the look.  The look is one of my favorite things that great couples have; it’s  just this special way they look at each other, particularly when one person is doing something goofy or off beat and the other just looks at them as if they are the greatest person in the world.  It’s as if to say, ‘I’m so lucky because you’re my person’ with just this look and a brief genuine smile.  Jill and Clark are constantly giving the look to one another.  Whether Clark is being a goof ball or Jill is asking Clark to tuck in his shirt, they look at each other and silently tell the world that their love is the real deal, the old married, love you forever kind.

Jill and Clark got married at the quaintest church in Baltimore and then had their afternoon reception at the Baltimore Country Club.  With a steal drum band playing, signature drinks served in monogramed cups it was the perfect day (and of course the crab cakes were AMAZING!) Then later that evening we all headed to CVP (Charles Village Pub) to the place where it all started to celebrate!  Here are just a few pictures from the evening!  Congratulations to Jill and Clark!

Going to the Chapel

I’m so excited to share this small glimpse of pictures from Amanda’s big day!  When she asked me to come and take pictures of her and her bridesmaids getting ready, I jumped at the chance!  I have never been part of a wedding and to get to see the behind the scenes preparations and exciting just hours before the vows was incredible.  From excitement to nerves to more excitement, I got to be a fly on the wall on a friend’s biggest day.  Amanda, you and your girls looked beautiful, congratulations on your nuptials and thank you for letting me be a part of your day!

Hope you enjoyed the small glimpse and again congrats Amanda and Jamie!