Charlie Turns One!

Oh my ‘lanta was this a precious session!  Charlie turned one and we had his final milestone session of the three!  He has changed a ton since I last saw him which was a year ago, just two or so weeks old and soo tiny!  Now he is full of personality, smiles and strength!  I mean it, this kid is strong!  Just wait to see him climbing up the slide – he can’t walk yet but can climb up a slide and hold onto the monkey bars!  It was actually kind of crazy – in a cool way!  Read More »

Milestone Session: Little Miss Hadley!

The last milestone session of this set of three was definitely the best of them all!  In Hadley’s first session she was only 6 months old and was a doll baby!   I’m serious though, she had this perfect porcelain skin and eyes that just sparkled instantly.  Her second session was back in October and was when I got the first real glimpse at her personality.  While she was more interactive in the second session then the first, reaching out to let me hold her, smiling at everything and looking adorable as a ladybug, this third session was the most fun because she is so mobile! Read More »