Sterling Turns 30! Happy Birthday!


Today’s blog post is a personal one because my husband, Sterling, has officially left his twenties and joined me in the 30s!  THIRTY feels like such a HUGE milestone so I was shocked when I went to the store to grab him a birthday card and couldn’t find any that were specifically for 30.  There were lots of cards for 40, 50, 60, even 80 and of course your teen milestones and young milestones like 5, but none for 30.  When I turned 30 it honestly felt like the new 21!  My friends and I went to Austin Texas and had a merry ole time.  For Sterling’s birthday, we’ve planned quite the treat.  His best friend Bobby and I have been planning a surprise birthday party for him for this Saturday.  Now you may be thinking ALEX!  YOU JUST RUINED IT!  Well, spoiler alert the surprise is busted, BUT, we’re still going along with the party and he doesn’t know anything about who is coming or what is in store so it’s still kind of surprise.  I’ll share more details later – don’t worry.Read More »

Carryn Turns 10!

Every time I know I have a session with Brandy and her family, I know it is going to be good.  I’m officially naming her the Queen of props! And seriously… all hail the Queen because these are stunning with the greatest props!  Brandy signed up for Milestones sessions over the summer and mentioned that we would definitely do holiday card images and senior portraits for her daughter Taylor (check them out here!).  It was at Taylor’s session that she mentioned the idea of doing images of Carryn since she was turning 10!Read More »