February Goals – 2019

I love February!  You know why?  Because it’s shortalexandra michelle photography - flat lay 2019-2 (like me I guess).  It may sound weird but I love the fact that it is a short month with exactly four weeks.  It’s the kind of month that can go fast if you want it to but can also motivate you to get a lot done because you don’t have a lot of time.  I don’t know about you but I work much better when I’m under a time crunch.  If I have endless time and no real due date then I will procrastinate forever!  But give me a due date that’s coming up quick and I’m bustin’ my buns to get it done.Read More »

2016 Photography & Business Goals

I recently read an article from the Rising Tide Society and it couldn’t have better timing.  You see I had already written on my calendar to blog this, you know the typical goals for a new year of business, and I had a full list of new things I was going to do and try but then I read this article written by Lara Casey, the woman behind Southern Weddings.  The article was titled “Setting Goals with Lara Casey” and it was exactly what I needed to fuel me and this post.  Basically she gets into how we need to spend our time more purposefully and that the things we say yes to or commit to should have a purpose.  They should answer the big “Why” question meaningfully so that we can walk into our days ready and willing to tackle these goals.  Read More »