Balch – One Year Portraits!

This little girl quite possibly takes the cake for the best facial expressions!  This whole session she had me won over!  The best part was seeing how much she LOVES her parents!  She lights up when they talk to her and just howls with laughter when her dad gets her going.

We had this session over at Belle Isle and the light was gorgeous!  The trees were blooming which gave the perfect pink glow in all the pictures!

Katie and Dan – you have the sweetest little girl!  Thank you for sharing this milestone with me, I had so much fun!

Alexandra-Michelle-Photography- Spring 2018 - Family Portraits - Balch-4Alexandra-Michelle-Photography- Spring 2018 - Family Portraits - Balch-8Alexandra-Michelle-Photography- Spring 2018 - Family Portraits - Balch-28Alexandra-Michelle-Photography- Spring 2018 - Family Portraits - Balch-25Alexandra-Michelle-Photography- Spring 2018 - Family Portraits - Balch-27Alexandra-Michelle-Photography- Spring 2018 - Family Portraits - Balch-10-1Alexandra-Michelle-Photography- Spring 2018 - Family Portraits - Balch-43Alexandra-Michelle-Photography- Spring 2018 - Family Portraits - Balch-50Alexandra-Michelle-Photography- Spring 2018 - Family Portraits - Balch-45Alexandra-Michelle-Photography- Spring 2018 - Family Portraits - Balch-32Alexandra-Michelle-Photography- Spring 2018 - Family Portraits - Balch-34Alexandra-Michelle-Photography- Spring 2018 - Family Portraits - Balch-29Alexandra-Michelle-Photography- Spring 2018 - Family Portraits - Balch-39Alexandra-Michelle-Photography- Spring 2018 - Family Portraits - Balch-41Alexandra-Michelle-Photography- Spring 2018 - Family Portraits - Balch-31Alexandra-Michelle-Photography- Spring 2018 - Family Portraits - Balch-55Alexandra-Michelle-Photography- Spring 2018 - Family Portraits - Balch-58Alexandra-Michelle-Photography- Spring 2018 - Family Portraits - Balch-66Alexandra-Michelle-Photography- Spring 2018 - Family Portraits - Balch-67Alexandra-Michelle-Photography- Spring 2018 - Family Portraits - Balch-88Alexandra-Michelle-Photography- Spring 2018 - Family Portraits - Balch-78Alexandra-Michelle-Photography- Spring 2018 - Family Portraits - Balch-86Alexandra-Michelle-Photography- Spring 2018 - Family Portraits - Balch-91Alexandra-Michelle-Photography- Spring 2018 - Family Portraits - Balch-107Alexandra-Michelle-Photography- Spring 2018 - Family Portraits - Balch-83Alexandra-Michelle-Photography- Spring 2018 - Family Portraits - Balch-100Alexandra-Michelle-Photography- Spring 2018 - Family Portraits - Balch-115Alexandra-Michelle-Photography- Spring 2018 - Family Portraits - Balch-98Alexandra-Michelle-Photography- Spring 2018 - Family Portraits - Balch-94Alexandra-Michelle-Photography- Spring 2018 - Family Portraits - Balch-119Alexandra-Michelle-Photography- Spring 2018 - Family Portraits - Balch-121Alexandra-Michelle-Photography- Spring 2018 - Family Portraits - Balch-125

Cole is One!

It’s hard to believe that a year ago I was taking this little one’s newborn images!  The first newborn session I had done and now he is one year old! Naturally we had to celebrate with a cake smash!

In the past year Cole has grown so much and I’d love to see how he looks today with that same bowtie on.  He loves to dance to smile at the girls and generally seems to keep a cool dude persona.  I ran into Amanda and Cole at the pool this summer and  I couldn’t believe how independent he was as he bee-bopped around in a float trying to play with the older girls. 🙂

His cake smash was especially cute in that he definitely didn’t know what to do with this new food group.  He loved playing with the balloons and seemed to especially enjoy when I picked up the cake and had it “dance about” – that crazy cake ;).

Happy birthday little dude!  I hope you get to eat lots of cake in your next year of life!


Cora’s Cake Smash

Oh this little one.  I will never get tired of photographing and editing these gorgeous eyes!  Cora’s cake smash was everything you’d want it to be, messy, giggly and full of chocolate.  This session was the same day as our first ever dance party (to read more about that click here) and her family lifestyle images.   Once we finished outside taking gorgeous family pictures, we came in and got this little thing comfy as the birthday princess, complete with a pink tutu and a chocolate cake (extra sprinkles). Read More »