Baby Travis’ Gender Reveal

In the past few weeks, Sterling and I have once again been reminded that our privilege has held us blind to a system that is oppressive, prejudice, and racist. We keep coming back to each other asking ourselves what can we do. As we attempt to educate ourselves and address our ignorance, we talk a lot about ways that we can both be more of an ally. As we look deeply into our own responsibility as white people, we also have been evaluating our responsibility as future parents who are bringing another person of privilege into this world.

As we bring this new life into the world we know we have a strong responsibility.

A responsibility to protect this life and keep it safe and healthy but just as important, to teach our child to be a truly compassionate person.  Someone who listens to people’s stories and who fights to stand up with others and what’s right. We want to raise this child to recognize injustice and not sit back as a silent bystander.  Someone who stands up against bullies, whether that be an individual picking on someone in the hallway or a system designed to oppress.  We as future parents know that we have to teach ourselves how to do this in our own hearts and then work every day to teach our children.  Raising Baby Travis to be a person that others can lean on, trust, and talk to means being parents that demonstrate this every day as an example.  By sharing this part of our baby’s journey with you, we hope to invite you in to help us and hold us accountable on this goal.  They say it takes a village to raise children and we hope you’ll be a part of ours.

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Country Farm Sunset Portraits

Carryn Turns 13!

HOLY shizzz this session was amazing!  I got in the car with Brandy and as we pulled out of the driveway she hollered over to Chris her husband about loading up the horses cause we were going to Renee’s.  The name sounded familiar but it wasn’t until we started approaching the location that I realized where we were going.

At first I thought Renee’s was a place where Carryn rides, but it wasn’t, it was a gorgeous piece of property of a nearby neighbor, Renee.  As we pulled up I realized where we were going, this was the infamous farm.  The farm that used to belong to Sterling’s grandmother, where his mother and aunts had lived when they were younger, where Sterling had grown up exploring nature.  It’s probably one of his most cherished places and I was seeing it for the very first time.

We pulled up to the property and started looking around.  I felt kind of weird actually being there without him, as if I was imposing on his memories and special place.  Those feelings quickly faded when we came up a familiar site.  A large red barn was right in front of me, beautifully perched up on a hill, the same site that we have framed in our house.

It was neat getting to spend time in a place that is such a huge part of Sterling’s life but that paired with getting to spend time with the Mullins and take these images, made for a perfect night.  The Mullins are my kind of people.  The first time we took pictures together I needed to get to a higher ground and so climbed up on the shoulders of Chris who didn’t skip a beat.  Brandy is a country girl who will do anything for her kids and she has amazing taste.  We’d make one hell of a styled shoot duo if I was in the Charlottesville area.  For this session, we brought over a trailer with not one but two horses and the whole family joined in to help.  At one point I was standing on top of Taylor’s (Carryn’s sister) boyfriend’s car.  These people are all in and I LOVE it!

The best part of the whole session was the last few moments in the field with Carryn’s horses.  The light got softer, the horses came out and Carryn blossomed.  This is her happy place.  She is 100% herself when she’s with her horses.  She’s confident, carefree, beautiful, soft and strong all at the same time.  She SHINES in these images in the field and they are some of my favorites ever.

Alexandra Michelle Photography - Charlottesville Virginia - Country Farm - September 2018 - 13th Birthday Portraits-23Alexandra Michelle Photography - Charlottesville Virginia - Country Farm - September 2018 - 13th Birthday Portraits-30Alexandra Michelle Photography - Charlottesville Virginia - Country Farm - September 2018 - 13th Birthday Portraits-36Alexandra Michelle Photography - Charlottesville Virginia - Country Farm - September 2018 - 13th Birthday Portraits-26Alexandra Michelle Photography - Charlottesville Virginia - Country Farm - September 2018 - 13th Birthday Portraits-27Alexandra Michelle Photography - Charlottesville Virginia - Country Farm - September 2018 - 13th Birthday Portraits-40Alexandra Michelle Photography - Charlottesville Virginia - Country Farm - September 2018 - 13th Birthday Portraits-60Alexandra Michelle Photography - Charlottesville Virginia - Country Farm - September 2018 - 13th Birthday Portraits-41Alexandra Michelle Photography - Charlottesville Virginia - Country Farm - September 2018 - 13th Birthday Portraits-43Alexandra Michelle Photography - Charlottesville Virginia - Country Farm - September 2018 - 13th Birthday Portraits-64

Alexandra Michelle Photography - Charlottesville Virginia - Country Farm - September 2018 - 13th Birthday Portraits-61

Alexandra Michelle Photography - Charlottesville Virginia - Country Farm - September 2018 - 13th Birthday Portraits-47Alexandra Michelle Photography - Charlottesville Virginia - Country Farm - September 2018 - 13th Birthday Portraits-67

This horse is BEAUTIFUL!  They got him from Chincoteauge!

Alexandra Michelle Photography - Charlottesville Virginia - Country Farm - September 2018 - 13th Birthday Portraits-72

Newborn Portraits – Sam – Charlottesville

Meet my new nephew!! That’s right this little cutie is my sister in law’s son and so obviously I’m biased in thinking he’s precious!  He is officially a month old now and doing very well!  His sister Cora has adapted so well and is really sweet with him.  She is gentle and kind and even calms him down by saying “It’s okay little buddy, it’s okay.” ::swoon::  Sam meanwhile is an observer, calm and quietly takes it all in.  He has big blue eyes that watch you intently.  It’s going to be great watching these two grow up! Read More »

Trenton – Senior Portraits

I can’t believe that Trenton is a senior! I first met him 5 years ago (?) at Sterling’s family christmas party.  He is Sterling’s cousin and is one of the sweetest young men you’ll ever meet.  He is always one of the first to say hello to me and helps however he can.  He has a heart of gold and takes care of his mom and sisters in a way that will melt your heart.  He’s a good ole boy who loves everything country, specifically hunting, his truck and his dog.  He came out of the woods that morning right before these images and even cleaned his truck!

The whole time we walked around he kept offering suggestions and was willing to do just about anything – including picking up a log with a tractor and moving it across a field for me. 🙂  Needless to say Trenton is growing up to be a wonderful man who will do amazing things in his life!  Such a pleasure getting to take these and getting to have him as family.

Alexandra-Michelle-Photography- Senior Portraits - Trenton-7

Had to get some with his mom Brandy, she’s the best!

Alexandra-Michelle-Photography- Senior Portraits - Trenton-10

He has the sweetest girlfriend!!

Alexandra-Michelle-Photography- Senior Portraits - Trenton-11Alexandra-Michelle-Photography- Senior Portraits - Trenton-14Alexandra-Michelle-Photography- Senior Portraits - Trenton-16Alexandra-Michelle-Photography- Senior Portraits - Trenton-19Alexandra-Michelle-Photography- Senior Portraits - Trenton-23Alexandra-Michelle-Photography- Senior Portraits - Trenton-24Alexandra-Michelle-Photography- Senior Portraits - Trenton-25Alexandra-Michelle-Photography- Senior Portraits - Trenton-34Alexandra-Michelle-Photography- Senior Portraits - Trenton-37Alexandra-Michelle-Photography- Senior Portraits - Trenton-38

Beth’s Senior Portraits

I tell you what, I love senior portraits!  Every time I do another senior portrait session I fall more and more in love with this niche.  My session with Beth confirmed this.  When met up in Charlottesville at Board’s Head Inn I knew she would be amazing because she was willing to jump into anything.  Seriously.  I asked her to go into overgrown brush that turned out to be quite thorny and she jumped in like a champ!  The result?  Some really gorgeous light and beautiful images!  Read More »

Downtown Charlottesville – 2nd Milestone – Roland Turns One!

Can I just start by saying, I can’t wait for you to scroll down!  These images are GORGEOUS!!! I don’t mean to be a braggy beesh but… holy kamoli they are really pretty!  After a raincheck for our first date we picked a Sunday afternoon in late August.  It worked perfectly because the temperature had broken, the light was gorgeous and meeting up at the downtown mall of Charlottesville made for a great back drop.  A gorgeous turquoise wall paired with a handmade quilt, a brick wall with ivy growing up it all paired with the perfect light!  Seriously this light made white balance easy!

I’m so happy with these images because I feel like I’m starting to see the big picture of telling a story in a session.  Not just that but I love capturing moments that represent true personalities and not just beauty.  This little man is so full of personality he made it really easy!  He is a giggle machine who loves his parents and especially loves BB-8 (the droid robot int he new star wars movie)!  As soon as BB came out he was all lit up, giving hugs galore to his cute little friend.  Beyond Ro’s easy going, bubbly personality, his parents are the greatest!  They’re fun to be with, easy to talk to and their ability to go with the flow makes for great candids!  The best part of all of this?  We still have at least one more session booked!!  I can’t wait to see how Ro grows even more!

Enjoy some fun – lifestyle-esc images from downtown charlottesville with this cute family of three. 🙂


Milestone 1: Meet the Harrigans!

Friends, you are in for a real treat.  Seriously.  I am in love with these images and more in love with this family of three.  Amy and Joel are best friends with Sterling’s sister Sarah, you know Sarah, you’ve seen her here, and here oh and here. 🙂   I’ve met Amy and Joel a few times in the past so I was instantly excited when they contacted me about setting up a session and then, they signed up for MILESTONES (I could sing, I love Milestones sessions!).Read More »

The Davidson Family

You want to know the best part about seeing people you are close to start a family?  Watching their littles get personalities and become their own people.  I went down to see Sarah, Ian and Cora with Sterling and not only did we get these great family pictures and some cake smash images for Cora’s first birthday but then the best thing happened… Cora and I had our very first dance party.  Read More »