Cole is One!

It’s hard to believe that a year ago I was taking this little one’s newborn images!  The first newborn session I had done and now he is one year old! Naturally we had to celebrate with a cake smash!

In the past year Cole has grown so much and I’d love to see how he looks today with that same bowtie on.  He loves to dance to smile at the girls and generally seems to keep a cool dude persona.  I ran into Amanda and Cole at the pool this summer and  I couldn’t believe how independent he was as he bee-bopped around in a float trying to play with the older girls. 🙂

His cake smash was especially cute in that he definitely didn’t know what to do with this new food group.  He loved playing with the balloons and seemed to especially enjoy when I picked up the cake and had it “dance about” – that crazy cake ;).

Happy birthday little dude!  I hope you get to eat lots of cake in your next year of life!


Milestone 2: Cole – 9 Months!

The last time you saw Cole here he was a newborn!  You remember, the cutie with the bow tie?  I mean common, how could you forget this face!  If you didn’t get to see it go check it out by clicking here!

Well now he is 9 months and a really stinker!  He is forming his own little personality, he loves to swing and once he warms up, he is a real talker!  Amanda and Jamie really have a great baby, he is so easy going and up for anything.  We spent our time together walking around Deep Run Park and I have to say, even after a huge storm, it was just as beautiful as ever.  Read More »

Milestone Session: Little Miss Hadley!

The last milestone session of this set of three was definitely the best of them all!  In Hadley’s first session she was only 6 months old and was a doll baby!   I’m serious though, she had this perfect porcelain skin and eyes that just sparkled instantly.  Her second session was back in October and was when I got the first real glimpse at her personality.  While she was more interactive in the second session then the first, reaching out to let me hold her, smiling at everything and looking adorable as a ladybug, this third session was the most fun because she is so mobile! Read More »

Milestone 1: Meet the Harrigans!

Friends, you are in for a real treat.  Seriously.  I am in love with these images and more in love with this family of three.  Amy and Joel are best friends with Sterling’s sister Sarah, you know Sarah, you’ve seen her here, and here oh and here. 🙂   I’ve met Amy and Joel a few times in the past so I was instantly excited when they contacted me about setting up a session and then, they signed up for MILESTONES (I could sing, I love Milestones sessions!).Read More »

Bostain 2015 Family Session

Have you ever met a person who is the definition of radiance.  That is Kourtney.  She just sparkles!  When I first met her I honestly felt like I was in the presence of a wonder woman and then I worked with her at school and knew it was true.  She is an incredible hard worker, and honestly gives her everything into all that she does, including all the people she works with.  My second year of teaching she worked hours upon hours helping me becoming a better teacher, more innovative an more creative.  She is selfless, with her work, with her time and especially with her family.  Read More »

2016 Photography & Business Goals

I recently read an article from the Rising Tide Society and it couldn’t have better timing.  You see I had already written on my calendar to blog this, you know the typical goals for a new year of business, and I had a full list of new things I was going to do and try but then I read this article written by Lara Casey, the woman behind Southern Weddings.  The article was titled “Setting Goals with Lara Casey” and it was exactly what I needed to fuel me and this post.  Basically she gets into how we need to spend our time more purposefully and that the things we say yes to or commit to should have a purpose.  They should answer the big “Why” question meaningfully so that we can walk into our days ready and willing to tackle these goals.  Read More »