Christmas Mini Flashback – pt. 1

Yup, you’re reading that right.  Those Christmas Mini’s from oh you know NOVEMBER, are finally making their way to the blog.  Not because it took me this long to edit them, that would be counterintuitive, but because of the blog funk of ’16-’17.

These images from the Minis are too beautiful to not share so we’re going to have a fall flashback and reminisce about those gorgeous fall colors and these precious families.  This a three part series with 6 families total, two per post.  Today you’re going to get to see the Collier family and the Henry family!Read More »

Our First Christmas Tree!

The best decision I have made so far in December was to take a personal day on Thursday to go get my christmas tree!  I’m not one to just miss work and I never take personal days unless I have to go out of town for a wedding or something of that caliber.  However, when Sterling told me he wouldn’t be in town the only weekend I had available to get the tree I decided that this is probably what personal days are for right? Read More »