Charlie Turns One!

Oh my ‘lanta was this a precious session!  Charlie turned one and we had his final milestone session of the three!  He has changed a ton since I last saw him which was a year ago, just two or so weeks old and soo tiny!  Now he is full of personality, smiles and strength!  I mean it, this kid is strong!  Just wait to see him climbing up the slide – he can’t walk yet but can climb up a slide and hold onto the monkey bars!  It was actually kind of crazy – in a cool way!  Read More »

Downtown Charlottesville – 2nd Milestone – Roland Turns One!

Can I just start by saying, I can’t wait for you to scroll down!  These images are GORGEOUS!!! I don’t mean to be a braggy beesh but… holy kamoli they are really pretty!  After a raincheck for our first date we picked a Sunday afternoon in late August.  It worked perfectly because the temperature had broken, the light was gorgeous and meeting up at the downtown mall of Charlottesville made for a great back drop.  A gorgeous turquoise wall paired with a handmade quilt, a brick wall with ivy growing up it all paired with the perfect light!  Seriously this light made white balance easy!

I’m so happy with these images because I feel like I’m starting to see the big picture of telling a story in a session.  Not just that but I love capturing moments that represent true personalities and not just beauty.  This little man is so full of personality he made it really easy!  He is a giggle machine who loves his parents and especially loves BB-8 (the droid robot int he new star wars movie)!  As soon as BB came out he was all lit up, giving hugs galore to his cute little friend.  Beyond Ro’s easy going, bubbly personality, his parents are the greatest!  They’re fun to be with, easy to talk to and their ability to go with the flow makes for great candids!  The best part of all of this?  We still have at least one more session booked!!  I can’t wait to see how Ro grows even more!

Enjoy some fun – lifestyle-esc images from downtown charlottesville with this cute family of three. 🙂


Joseph is 6 Months Old! Milestone Session

Oh my lanta!  It’s unreal how much babies change so quickly!  It feels like it wasn’t that long ago that I was meeting this little guy as a newborn and now he is 6 months old and is so different!  He’s not only bigger but has eyelashes for days and a smile that’s one for the books.  This little dude is going to be a real heart breaker one day!

This session was great because we met at Lindsey and Chris’ Boat Club that they belong to.  Lindsey is a 3rd generation member of the club and as soon as I got there I could see why!  They have this beautiful spot right on the James River complete with playgrounds, camping and picnic areas and benches over looking the river.  We got up nice and early which was nice because the sun was soft and we had the whole place to ourselves.  The overcast clouds kept the temperature down and we even had a nice breeze off the river that made it the perfect day.

A session at this age (or any age really) wouldn’t be complete without swings, it’s so fun to see them light up with the first push!  What I loved about this swing set was they had two more swings so we could get the whole family in one shot swinging.  (LOVE!!)  Joseph was a little shy but once we got him on the swing, he lit right up.  It’s so neat to see how centered babies are around their parents.  Their parents are their whole world and I can’t get enough how these little looks they give them.  Even though they can’t talk you can just tell in these looks how much they love their parents.  It’s love in the purest form and it’s truly amazing.

Lindsey and Chris – Thank you for another amazing session!  You guys are so great to work with because you are easy going and not afraid to have fun.  I had the best time with you and can’t wait for our next session together and to see how much he’s grown and changed!

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Milestone 2: Cole – 9 Months!

The last time you saw Cole here he was a newborn!  You remember, the cutie with the bow tie?  I mean common, how could you forget this face!  If you didn’t get to see it go check it out by clicking here!

Well now he is 9 months and a really stinker!  He is forming his own little personality, he loves to swing and once he warms up, he is a real talker!  Amanda and Jamie really have a great baby, he is so easy going and up for anything.  We spent our time together walking around Deep Run Park and I have to say, even after a huge storm, it was just as beautiful as ever.  Read More »

Wilton Family – Milestone Session

Little Miss Hadley is getting so big and even more adorable then the last time you saw her!  Her second milestone session happened just before Halloween and this little cutie even got dressed up as a ladybug for the session.  At our first milestone session Hadley was a little apprehensive, we got great images, but I wasn’t able to capture her amazing smile.  This time though, she was smiling for days!  I walked in the door and this little pumpkin reached right for me to hold her.  I just about died it was so cute!  While I was there I was also able to take professional images of Judson for work.  I’m swooning over the fall colors in these images and Hadley’s smile, which gets even cuter when she squints her nose!  Read More »