Fuzzy Sock Talk – Celebrating October

You know that song “Thank God it’s Friday night, and I just (just, just, just) got paid!” well picture me, on the couch, The Killing (Netflix show) is on in the background, singing to myself “Thank God it’s Oc-to-ber and I duh duh duh duh duh deh dah!” (the end is naturally nonverbal just sounds because I can’t think of anything exceptional to fill in for the last part).  Yes I did just get paid but… then I paid my bills so.. in any case, let’s move on.  I am officially pumped for fall and this post has some interesting timing because while I’m here talking about why I am so thankful for October, the most recent “Whine About It” episode was all about why he hates Fall!  Filth, i declare!  I’m not even a pumpkin spice latte fan but I love fall and I’m feeling a little more at peace now that it is finally here.  Read More »