Teacher Tuesday: Cabbage Juice Demo – An at Home Demonstration of Acids & Bases

Last week I posted asking for votes on if you’d like to have instructions for doing the Cabbage Juice Lab at home and overwhelmingly y’all said YES!  So here it is!  The cabbage juice lab is a way to test solutions that you have around the house for their pH level!  The science is so cool as a natural way to determine if something is an acid or a base!  Kids love this demonstration/activity because of the WOW effect of solutions changing colors from clear to pink, green, blue or yellow!   Simple to do at home and you’ll have a lot of fun!  Read below for the science behind this activity and how to do it safely! Read More »

Teacher Tuesday – Surviving COVID-19 at Home with Your Kids! My Favorite FREE Resources!

I know from my own perspective that “teaching” from home has not been as easy as working with someone face to face.  I know that we are all doing the best we can to make the most out of this tough situation and I thought I’d post something to help those of you who are parents trying to work from home AND help your kiddos with their school work!!

Since we’re all being affected by COVID – 19 in one way or another, I thought I’d share out some resources for all the parents out there who need a little help!  Below are my favorite resources that are currently offering free subscriptions or have always/will always be free to use!  Ps. NONE of this is sponsored!  Just some things I have used for years or have recently fallen in love with! Read More »

Surprise! We’re Pregnant!

A year ago this month, doubt started to creep into my head.  Something that seemed normal and easy for everyone else around me, was starting to not be easy for us. November had come and gone, December too, then January and February joined the mix of disappointments.  Month by month I went from hopeful and excited to sad and distant.  Each month I would take a test I dreaded knowing it would be no but secretly hoping I’d be wrong.  Each no making me feel more and more like a failure.

I think the hardest part of walking through 12 months of NOs was that feeling of deep failure only to walk into the next month and have to try and find hope again.  For me, praying kept me hopeful.  I prayed and prayed and prayed that God would give us a chance.  That God would give me patience and remind me that this was not on my schedule, my timeline, my control.  Real talk? This sucked and was really hard.  For someone like me who loves to plan and finds comfort in knowing, not having any control was disheartening.  Part of me thinks God was waiting for me to stop planning, stop counting months, stop worrying and just TRUST him.   Let go of the control, let go of the anxiety and fear and just give it to him.  Read More »

Bryan Park Fall Family Session

Have y’all ever met a bug doctor before?  Well, I have!  It’s true!

I got to this session a few weeks back, stepped toward the car and was introduced to Even, a three-year-old self-proclaimed bug doctor.  As you can imagine this naturally sparked my interest because I mean hello – science!  After some more inquiring I learned that he performs operations on bugs when they are very sick.   – Just the cutest!  Read More »

Monticello Trail Fall Family Portraits

Monticello Trail | Charlottesville Virginia

Sterling and I headed down to Harrisonburg Virginia a few weeks ago to celebrate some good friends’ wedding!  It was stunning, from the decorations to the sweeping field views to the great friendships that were reunited and of course the love of Darren and Chelsea!  It worked out so well that their wedding was on a Friday so Sterling and I got to wake up on Saturday morning and head over to Charlottesville to spend time with his family.

It makes it so nice to have that extra time with loved ones whenever you get the chance.  While in Charlottesville we got some time to sneak away and take pictures of our niece Cora, nephew Sam and Sterling’s sister Sarah!  We walked part of the Monticello Trail, giggled, explored and best of all – played! Read More »

Falls Church In-Home Newborn Session


When I met up with Chris and Emily this summer in Baltimore, I knew we’d be a great fit almost immediately!  We met up in Canton to grab a coffee and just get to know each other before their big newborn session in the fall.  This is something I highly suggest for those looking for newborn photographers because you want the person coming into your home to photograph your newborn baby to not feel like a stranger.

Emily, Chris and I hit it off right away! They brought their adorable Goldendoodle Winston which obviously got me instantly talking about my Goldendoodle – Winnie!  Don’t tell Winnie but their dog Winston is definitely way better behaved, which is saying a lot because Winnie is pretty good!  The rest of our morning we spent just walking around and chatting as if we were old friends that had known each other for years.  We talked about our love for our Virginia universities, they went to Tech but connected with me through a mutual JMU friend!Read More »

Cromwell Valley Park Fall Portraits

Let’s keep it real. There may or may not have been a snake(s) in that field…. We will never know.

FACT about me. I am NOT brave. Not in an obvious way that is. I cry when getting shots, I jumped around like a LOON to scare away any snakes in this picture and I normally would NEVER be brave enough to wear a hat like this. I am a Plain Jane. I order what I know I’ll like at restaurants, am too nervous to online shop, and try to avoid change at all costs.Read More »

Baby Girl Coiner

Baby Girl Coiner
Canton, Maryland

Just a few months ago the Coiner family welcomed this sweet sweet baby girl into their lives.  Katie heard of me through a good friend of hers that I happened to work with at school and I was so excited to take on this job for her newborn photos.  I love newborn sessions and there is something so magical about photographing first-time parents.  I love the sweetness, the way they breathe in that newborn smell and soak up this moment, frozen in time.

Katie and Josh met in college at UVA which gave us something instant in common.  Now Sterling and I didn’t go to UVA but Sterling is from Charlottesville and is a big UVA fan.  It’s an exciting year to be a UVA fan with the two big National Championships and their football team is actually doing pretty well!  Katie and Josh moved up to Baltimore and into this great townhouse in Canton, complete with an exposed brick wall and stacked decks – a classic.  Their place is right near a large park and I loved hearing how they go on walks through the park together.  The best topic of conversation though was definitely getting to hear all about Katie’s job!  She works at the Maryland Zoo!!  She works with the animals directly handling care, feedings and more!  HOW COOL!?  Needless to say I asked a lot of questions – I couldn’t contain my curiosity!

Katie and Josh’s sweet addition is already so much bigger than she was in these pictures.  She was a dream to photograph, barely stirring as she slept the entire time with just a small short feeding break.  I love the soft pink images that feel so dainty but I especially love the images that include the hand-crocheted blanket her Grandmother made.

Alexandra Michelle Photography - 2019 -Baltimore Maryland - In Home Newborn Session - Coiner-3Alexandra Michelle Photography - 2019 -Baltimore Maryland - In Home Newborn Session - Coiner-6Alexandra Michelle Photography - 2019 -Baltimore Maryland - In Home Newborn Session - Coiner-10Alexandra Michelle Photography - 2019 -Baltimore Maryland - In Home Newborn Session - Coiner BW-3Alexandra Michelle Photography - 2019 -Baltimore Maryland - In Home Newborn Session - Coiner-22Alexandra Michelle Photography - 2019 -Baltimore Maryland - In Home Newborn Session - Coiner BW-7Alexandra Michelle Photography - 2019 -Baltimore Maryland - In Home Newborn Session - Coiner-24Alexandra Michelle Photography - 2019 -Baltimore Maryland - In Home Newborn Session - Coiner BW-4Alexandra Michelle Photography - 2019 -Baltimore Maryland - In Home Newborn Session - Coiner-21Alexandra Michelle Photography - 2019 -Baltimore Maryland - In Home Newborn Session - Coiner-25Alexandra Michelle Photography - 2019 -Baltimore Maryland - In Home Newborn Session - Coiner-76Alexandra Michelle Photography - 2019 -Baltimore Maryland - In Home Newborn Session - Coiner-80